GRP properties

  • Smooth internal bore, which remains constant in time.
  • Fully corrosion proof material towards the conveyed fluid, aggressive soils and vacant currents.
  • Light weight that allows an easy and practical installation
  • Different type of pipe and fittings joints suitable for different application and underground or aboveground installation (Bell and Spigot with double o-ring, Bell and spigot with double o-ring and Locking key, Butt & Strap Lamination, Adhesive joint)

GRP Fields of application

  • GRP piping systems with large diameters for low pressure applications such as aqueducts, civil and industrial sewers, sea water intakes, outfalls, irrigation pipelines.
  • GRP piping systems for the chemical, petrochemical, food and power industry where high chemical and mechanical characteristics are required.
  • GRP piping systems for high pressure applications, cooling systems and penstocks.
  • Offshore and shipbuilding applications such as ballast line and scrubber.
  • Submarine GRP sea lines.
  • GRP piping systems for desulphurization plants, quarry and slurry piping installations where high resistance to abrasion is required.
  • GRP piping systems for firefighting networks